About David Lee, DC

David Lee, D.C. became interested in chiropractic through a combination of lifestyle factors. He first was exposed to chiropractic care for minor snowboarding injuries, but soon found that the treatments helped with his neck, shoulder and wrist pain brought on by hours working and playing in front of his computer. After successful treatments by a chiropractor, he decided to pursue chiropractic training at Palmer College of Chiropractic West.

Through his education and experience, David came to understand that preventing injury and promoting healthy behaviors are the most effective ways to keep a person healthy. Since the modern workplace is often at odds with optimal health, he decided to help people minimize the stress on their bodies through ergonomics.

David has 10+ years of experience addressing the ergonomic needs of individuals, small businesses, and non-profit organizations in the Bay Area. He works together with his wife, Dr. Suzie Lee, D.C., at Heartsong Health in Alameda.