For Businesses

As a result of the COVID-19, many workers have experienced either full or part time work from home. To work with these modern work situations, I am happy to do in-office or home workstation evaluations. For workers that split their time between the office and home, specific equipment recommendations can even be made to allow a worker to have the same equipment in both of their work environments.

Any or all of the following can be incorporated into a customized ergonomic program.

  • Ergonomic evaluation of workplace designs and processes, along with review of personal health history and current health complaints, in order to identify and prioritize risks
  • Ergonomic intervention, including modification of workspace, job processes and work behaviors, in order to reduce current or future pain and dysfunction
  • Fiscally responsible recommendations for the alteration or replacement of computer equipment and furniture
  • Customized instruction for groups or individuals to teach ergonomic principals and how to incorporate them into the workplace
  • Periodic re-evaluation in order to track progress and make necessary changes over time